Was he being a concerned citizen? Was he trying to figure out the Barksdale Bubble? Was he trying to just be a pain in the butt?

This video popped up online a few years ago and I thought what better time than now to revisit this infamous post.

Let me start by saying, when it comes to Barksdale Air Force Base, ALL safety precautions are necessary and I'd like to kick off this article by stating I know that our fine airmen did a fantastic job with this man. A guy stood just outside of the gate at BAFB, and began filing the gate area. It took no time at all before a few of our Air Force finest' confronted him to try to get to the bottom of what exactly he was doing filming the gate area.

It is amazing, though, how many in the comment section of this video are lambasting our armed forces for confronting the man and questioning him

What do you think?


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