When I heard the sad news that Kamala "The Ugandan Giant" had passed away, it got me thinking about what a fan of his I was when I was a kid. Watching "Mid-South Wrestling" on Sunday mornings was the highlight of my week, to put it mildly. This morning I found an awesome Facebook page dedicated to "Mid-South Wrestling" and it's everything you need today...I promise.

Take a stroll down memory lane and get re-acquainted with your old friends Hacksaw Butch Reed, Terry Funk, Dick Slater, Steve "Dr. Death" Williams, Terry "Magnum TA" Allen, Terry "BAMM BAMM" Gordy and many, many more!

It's an absolute slobberknocker, pier 6 brawl of childhood nostalgia.

By the way, one day remind me to tell you the story about Dr. Death, Terry Taylor, and me in a laundry mat when I was a kid.

Below is just a little taste of what you'll see on the "Mid-South Wrestling" Facebook page, so go check it out HERE...you'll thank me later.

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