Every state has some weirdly named cities. Some are hilarious, like Booger Hole, West Virginia...or Booger Hollow, Arkansas. While others are more boring...like Boring, Oregon. Which is a lot like Bland, Virginia...or Okay, Oklahoma.

The team at Zippia.com recently put together a list called The Weirdest, Most Out There Town Name In Each State. There are some tremendous ones out there. Like Bean Blossom, Indiana, and some odd ones like What Cheer, Iowa. Some are food related, like Egg Harbor, Wisconsin and Chicken Bristle, Illinois. But some of them are just worrisome. You can see the whole list here.

But when it comes to Louisiana, there's a lot to pick from. And honestly, Zippia might have missed on Louisiana's. They picked Waterproof, Louisiana for their #1. Which could make sense, considering that NOTHING in this state is waterproof in anyway. But we've got some really over-the-top ones.

Here are some of the best they could have picked over Waterproof:

Kickapoo in Desoto Parish

Coochie in Concordia Parish

Grosse Tete in Iberville Parish

Dry Prong in Grant Parish

Frogmore in Concordia Parish

Bunkie in Avoyelles Parish

There are actually way more that we could add too. Like Tickfaw, Transylvania, Uneedus, and others. In fact, looking at all of these weird town names, Louisiana might have more per capita than any other state. I mean, we haven't even brought up Lucky, or Shongaloo, or Belcher yet.

Ultimately, whether or not you agree that Waterproof is the weirdest town name in the state, just know you have plenty of other options.


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