Every week, we reach out to a local charity that does fantastic work in our area.  The goal is to shine a light on an organization that works hard to make a difference, but may not have the ability to reach out and let people know what they do, or what kind of support they need.

This week, our focus is on The Gingerbread House.  This fantastic children's advocacy center operates out of Shreveport, and the work they do has got to be among the most important work on planet earth.  They work with kids who are caught in the middle of child abuse cases.  Not only does this non-profit provide a safe place for these kids to go - they provide counseling for them, and provide a way for them to testify against the people who hurt them without having to face them in court.  The Gingerbread house has extensively remodeled a few areas to serve as interview rooms.  The non-threatening rooms are designed to make kids comfortable enough to tell their story, all the while recording their testimony so that it may be used in court.

They also keep a ready supply on essentials for kids that show up with nothing but the clothes on their back.  These quick-response bags not only give kids the necessities like toothbrushes, blankets, etc - but also give these kids a few things like a stuffed animal to give them something they "own."  The work they do there has got to be the hardest thing in the world.  Check out their website for more information on what they do and how you can help them do it here.

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