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Have you ever dreamed of working in the great outdoors?  My friend, it doesn't get much greater the absolute glory that is untamed Louisiana.  Our wilder areas (and I don't mean Shreve City during Mardi Gras) are teeming with unspoiled beauty, and it's up to a select group of dedicated men and women to keep it that way.  Of course, I talking about the hard working agents of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries department.

Without this first line of defense, many of our natural treasures would no longer exist.  I'd like to think that the residents of our state have enough respect for the natural beauty around us, but that isn't the case.  A lot of us do, but the ones that don't mind breaking the rules and regulations in place to protect our state.  That's where you come in!

Right now the LDWF's Law Enforcement Division is searching for recruits.  They need folks who are qualified and dedicated to patrolling and protecting one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world.  If you love working outdoors, and love Louisiana - you could be the perfect fit!

According to the report from Bossier Now, candidates who wish to be considered for the 34th Cadet Academy: "...must take the Law Enforcement and Protective Services (LEAPS) Series 9500 civil service test by July 30, 2021 and get a score of 77 or above to be eligible."

If you're itching to slap on a badge and stand on the side of Mother Nature in Louisiana, you can find everything you need to apply here.

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