So, I, Ally Brooks, am offically a country girl. I live in a little bitty town south of Minden and am getting pretty used to driving those winding roads as opposed to my “maneuvers” on I-49. But, driving in the country is kinda weird. I mean, I’ve lived in Shreveport-Bossier my entire life. Seeing someone walking down Highway 371, is kinda weird… not to mention the random critters you see driving. So far, I have dodged deer (of course), a fox, and a turkey. Yes, a turkey. I didn’t even know we HAD turkeys in this part of the world. So, how does one avoid hitting a turkey, you ask? Well, you don’t. They run kind of fast, and you slow down because you’re confused thinking that there is a greater possibility to see a peacock run across the road than a turkey. Again, I don’t know why that is acceptable in my mind either- I guess I just took too many train rides at Hamels.

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