Was drinking involved? Yes, without question.

It doesn't matter where you are in world, if there's a bonfire, there's a guy nearby that wants to jump over it. This is just a human thing, and guys are known to do something stupid every now and then to impress onlookers.

The truth is, though, it takes a little liquid courage to get most guys ready for the legendary bonfire jump. I can say I've never seen the move attempted by a sober fella.

That was certainly the case in Australia when a bonfire was present, as well as a well-inebriated guy ready to make the jump.

The only problem in this situation, is that there was more than one bro ready to take the fiery jump. The two guys decided to jump, but failed to realize (or care) that the other was jumping at the same exact time.

Naturally, the two collided over the flames, and one guy ended up with third degree burns.

WARNING: Profanity below.


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