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Two of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time will be back in Shreveport this weekend. They will be live with the Shreveport Mudbugs for this weekends pair of hockey games.

WWE Hall of Fame members Ted DiBiase and Hacksaw Jim Duggan will both be live at the Hirsch Coliseum for this weekends games. Both will be returning to the Louisiana State Fairgrounds, where they spent many nights during their careers.

Both Hacksaw Jim Duggan and The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase became nation-wide superstars with the WWF, but before that, they were Shreveport mainstays with Mid-South Wrestling.

Shreveport was one of the biggest pro wrestling cities in the United States in the 1980s. During that era, the country was split into wrestling "territories", where one promotion would have the television rights, and would run all of the local events. From Oklahoma through East Texas, New Orleans to Little Rock, and all of Mississippi, Mid-South Wrestling was the territory for that whole region. All of the wrestling on TV in Oklahoma City, Longview, New Orleans, Little Rock, Jackson, and Shreveport (and everything in between) was Mid-South.

Mid-South Wrestling called Shreveport home from 1981 to 1986. They filmed their promos at a local TV stations, and filmed the TV shows on the Louisiana State Fairgrounds, where the Hirsch calls home.

After Mid-South left Shreveport, DiBiase and Duggan both made their way to the WWF, where they both became Hall of Fame members.

Both will be present for the Shreveport Mudbugs games on Friday and Saturday night. Not only can you see the two during pre-game ceremonies, but they will be selling autographs and pictures both nights.

So if you'd like to have your picture taken with a couple of Shreveport pro wrestling legends, make sure to get your tickets for this weekend's games. You can get details right here.

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