This is pure ingenuity at work here.

To be honest, after watching this video, it just seems like someone we would do here in Louisiana.

Let's face it, we have our fair share of horrible here in the Boot state. Whether it's a hurricane coming all the way up the state, or the red river overflowing into nearby cities, we've dealt with it all.

Having said that, we are about as creative as they come here in Louisiana, and I bet you someone in our state has tried this method ahead of an oncoming hurricane.

This video was shot in North Carolina shortly before Hurricane Florence made landfall. In the video, we see someone filming the house while driving around it. One side of the house has a strap latched on to a car parked outside. As the drive gets around to other side, he shows us that yes, the other side has a vehicle strapped to it as well.

It's like they are using the cars as anchors to keep their house down.

Hey, I'm not mad at it, and I sincerely hope it worked for the creative family.

Check it out!


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