It never ceases to amaze me that some people truly believe that they can run from the police and get away with it.  Maybe it is due to the fight or flight response humans experience when they face a perceived threat.  Perhaps adrenaline blocks the part of the brain that says, "this is literally what the police train for."  Seriously - unless you have made a career out of evading pursuit professionals, you don't have a chance.  Radios, helicopters, high-tech gadgetry, and good old fashioned teamwork between enforcement agencies have made the Dukes of Hazzard / Fast and Furious - inspired dream of out-running and out-smarting Johnny Law a thing of the past.

I guess Erin Robinson (29), and Whitney Williams (24) of Texas didn't get the memo.  KLTV reports that the pair were spotted shoplifting a whole load of items from the Wal-Mart on Highway 59 in Marshall.  If you are unaware, Wal-Mart doesn't want you to steal their stuff.  So, they have a very good security camera system and a working relationship with the local police department.  A quick phone call got the authorities up to speed on the suspects and the car they were in.  A very short time later, the vehicle was spotted when the ladies decided to stop for a bite to eat.  Pilfering does give rise to a powerful hunger, I suppose.  When the accused saw that the jig was up, they got east down and bound in a hurry!

Police are not worried about catching these criminals, as that is a for gone conclusion unless they are tailing Jason Statham.  The real concern is keeping the pursuees from hurting anyone else.  This concern is especially prevalent when the bad girls are rocketing their escape vehicle at speeds in excess of 100 mph down Highway 80 and eventually I-20.

In the end, the chase brought the whole felonious show to an abrupt stop when the car hit railroad tracks and wrecked out on Meriwether Road in west Shreveport.  In the process the ladies hit a gas meter and finally took on a tree.  Obviously, cars from Texas are no match for our Louisiana trees as the tree totally won.  The passenger was forcibly removed from the vehicle by Newton's first law of motion, also known as inertia.  The driver had to be cut out of the mangled vehicle.  Both suspects have been transported to area hospitals for non-life threatening injuries.  Upon release, they will be charged with evading arrest and theft.

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