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The world we knew is gone.  The world we live in now has so many new rules and specific procedures put in place to help us control the COVID-19 crisis it can be frustrating and, honestly - a little depressing.  If you needed a glimmer of hope to keep you going, here it is:  Life goes on.

That may seem like a very simplistic statement to make about a very complicated chapter in all of our lives - but it's true.  Exactly like Jeff Goldblum's Dr. Ian Malcolm stated in Jurassic Park - "Life...uh...finds a way."  We will find (and in many cases, have already found) ways to adapt and overcome.  Take for example the latest announcement from the long-revered and respected University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Obviously, packing lecture halls to the gills with students isn't the way to conduct classes in the age of Coronavirus.  That won't stop the Ragin' Cajuns from churning out smart and prepared graduates - in fact, U of L has a solid plan for delivering high quality higher education to the next crop of students and keeping everyone safe at the same time!

For the last 2 weeks, a select group of administrators, faculty and students have been meeting virtually to craft a plan for the summer, fall, and beyond.  The "Ragin' Cajun Resiliency Plan" focuses on what steps to take in order to create the safest learning atmosphere possible.  According to a report from the Advertiser, key members of the President's Council, Faculty Senate, Student Government, Student Life Committee, and more have developed a 3 phase plan.

Phase one dictates that during the Summer semester, approximately 99% of the classes will be online.  Phase two sets its sights on the upcoming Fall semester, in which the university plans to retain as much "face-to-face teaching" as possible while still following the 6 foot rule of social distancing.  Phase 3 is the part of the plan that will start to relax some of the stricter guidelines.  The last phase won't even be considered until at least the Spring semester of 2021.

Officials say that moving on to any of the phases is 100% dependent on the success of the previous phase.

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