For those who don't know, I am a sole believer that UFO's exist! I've this story before, but I remember vividly seeing one when I lived in New Castle in Shreveport while I was in middle school.

One day before school, I was laying on the couch, trying to get a little extra sleep. Then, something caught my eye out of the back door window. It was a strange bright light. Look, in our backyard, there was nothing, just trees, so a bright light was very out of the ordinary. This light was not moving, it was stationary, and it was so close, it looked lise it was right on the other side of the trees. The light was so bright, I couldn't see anything when it flashed, and in between flashes, I couldn't see anything since it was so dark outside. Very scary for a little kid, and I'll never forget it.

Anyways. these days more and more people are claiming to see UFO's. In fact, more people are claiming to see them than ever before. From 1905 through 1980, there were less than 500 sightings a year.  In the '80s, that went up to 1,000. In the '90s, it was up to 4,000, and now, we're seeing about 5,000 sightings per year!

This is the crazy part, apparently if you live in America, you're 300 times more likely to spot a UFO!

The states with the highest sightings are Washington, Montana, Vermont, Oregon, Alaska, Maine, New Hampshire, Arizona, New Mexico, and Idaho.