The Guinness Book Of World Records have quite a few extreme and strange world records on their YouTube channel. I'm telling you, you could get stuck in a YouTube black hole for hours just by watching one of this crazy videos!

This past weekend, at the Krewe of Centaur parade, one of our own attempted their own world record! Shreveport Aquarium attempted to break the record for longest Mexican wave line! We don't know if they've actually broken the record yet, as it takes some time to verify these things. The good news is, for good measure, they're going for it again this weekend at the Gemini parade! Details on that including volunteer information can be found HERE.

Anyways, I figured while we wait to see if Shreveport can break an official world record, we could waste our time by watching some of the recent strange records broken.

First, a kid in Japan set the record for most finger snaps in a minute. That video just looks plain painful but somehow the kid managed to snap his fingers 269 times in sixty seconds!

Next, a woman set the record for most birthday candles lit in one minute, USING HER FEET! She lit eleven, which is especially impressive considering she had to light a new match for each candle!

Check these out!