Something That I Have Always Wanted to Experience is a Drive Through Safari Park.

I have seen so many of my friends take their kids and they claim they had just as much fun if not more fun that their kids. Unfortunately, after a new video surfaced from a safari park many of us may be rethinking how we drive through the wildlife parks.

People in Central Texas Make Their Way to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center for a Ride Full of Fun and Adventure.

The fun part of this wildlife park is that you can drive through in your own vehicle and take in all the beauty of exotic and endangered animals. These animals roam free and know that there are yummy treats waiting for them at every vehicle. The thought of experiencing this drive through a truck bed seems epic up until you see the video below.


@abc7chicago TERRIFYING: Dramatic footage captured on a safari ride in Texas shows the moment a giraffe grabbed a young girl at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. No injuries were reported. #news #fyp #giraffe ♬ original sound - abc7chicago

A Texas family went through a heart-dropping scare at a drive-thru safari park earlier this month when a giraffe reached into their pickup truck and grabbed their 2-year-old daughter, hoisting her in the air. The incident happened at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas, where visitors drive through a trail with animals with the opportunity to feed them from their cars. "My heart stopped, my stomach dropped… it scared me," the girl's dad, Jason Teton, said.

♬ original sound - cbsnews

The video shows a giraffe at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center picking up a small toddler out of a truck bed. Luckily you can see the parent act quickly and take the toddler back down in the truck bed. Many are left asking the question, "why were they in the back of a truck bed?"

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