We have all heard of the hilarious stories of raccoons and possums falling through ceilings but have any of us actually seen it in action?

Up Until Now, I Had No Idea How Much Chaos a Racoon Could Cause in a Chow Hall

Wednesday evening was an entertaining night for students in an LSU dining hall. Talk about dinner and a show.

Imagine Having Dinner and Bam a Racoon Falls Through the Ceiling.

The LSU Reville posted an article that had me in stitches. Obviously, the raccoon was scared and wreaked havoc in the 459 Dining Hall on campus.

The Social Media Posts That Have Been Collected Over the Past Couple of Days Will Have You Laughing Too.

You see the hysteria take over the dining hall and staff members running around with garbage bins trying to trap the trash panda. Some students lept for "safety" on top of chairs and tables. Did they not know that raccoons can climb?

Check Out the Hilarious Videos of the Racoon Chaos Below.


@ash18815 Okay who let a racoon into the dining hall #school #schoollife #geauxtigers #raccoon #lsu #fyp #xyzbca ♬ original sound - Ashton

According to LSU Reveille, the raccoon was eventually caught by some staff members and Animal Control came to safely take the raccoon away.

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