Around the office for the past week we've had an argument going about where you can find the Best Pizza here in town. Some think a certain new place is the best while my personal favorite is more of a nontraditional pizza place... Don't want to use names because we want you to decide the argument for us!

We're pretty sure not everyone will agree on the best place because people can't even agree on the best type of pizza. The 3 main types of pizza I've heard of are Chicago/Deep Dish, New York Style or Artisan Pizza and while people argue about each of these I think they're all fantastic. And before we go any further in this discussion Pineapple does belong on Pizza!

Below is a poll of the most popular pizza choices in the Shreveport and Bossier City area. You're able to vote once every 3 hours all the way until 6am this Friday in which the winner will be revealed!

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