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Warning, this is all about spoilers. It would be really hard for us to talk about the end of the WandaVision series without them. So I'm going to put a promo video of the show in here, and below that will be spoilers. Don't be angry if you keep reading past that point. It's on you now.

OK, we're not in the spoiler zone. From here on out, we're spoiling WandaVision...

This show was so promising for Marvel and Disney+ after the first 6 episodes. It was a massive hit, and was being watched more than any other streaming show. Which is great, unless you're about to drop the ball in front of all of those people.

So the biggest driver behind WandaVision was the mystery aspect. The show was keeping a ton of secrets for big reveals. Then they started peppering in hints about characters, storylines, and possible tie-ins with other comic stories and characters. This snowballed into cast members giving interviews where they fed into these theories, and teased large reveals, and surprise cameos.

The show built something that was going to be hard to live up to in the finale, but that's what Marvel has done with their movies, and they usually pay it off. So fans were ready to have all these questions answered, and to walk away happy.

But then the finale came, and only a few answers were provided. Those questions fell into one of three buckets: 1. Comic fans already knew the answers 2. Still no answer 3. Troll job spitting in fans faces.

Let's break it down further.

First, answers comic fans had the whole time:

Agnes was Agatha Harkness
Wanda is Scarlett Witch
Monica was Photon/Spectrum
White Vision was going to show up
Wanda's kids aren't real

Second, things that got no answers (there are probably more, these are the obvious):

Where is Jimmy Woo's missing Witness Protection person?
How did Dr. Strange not notice this massive use of magic, but Agatha could?
How did Agatha build a witch lair in that basement?
Grim Reaper helmet in the intro
Senior Scratchy is a demonic rabbit who eats bugs?
Why did they build Dottie up?
What ever happened to the beekeeper SWORD agent?

Finally, the ones that are really going to cause issues, the troll jobs:

Fake Pietro was just a town resident? Wasn't X-Men Quicksilver?
How did this random townsperson who looked like X-Men Quicksilver happen to have super speed?
Did they really make a middle-school humor level joke about his name for the payoff?
Turns out he's Ralph too?
They threw away multiple major plot points in less than 10 seconds for that joke?
Who is the Aerospace Engineer they teased multiple times?
Why build up the "Engineer" with multiple scenes, and then never address it again.
How does nobody know about this massive event during Spider-Man Far From Home? That takes place about 6 months after this.

So why would they do this? Why would Disney and Marvel allow this to get so out of control? Is it because they don't care? Right now it feels like Marvel looked at fans, and said "we can make them dance, and don't have to answer to them at all". Which is what they did. They not only put misleading subject matter into their show, but then they allowed writers, directors, and actors to feed those through interviews. All so they could troll the audience at the end.

This isn't a good look for the first Disney+ MCU show.

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