We all have the need to let off some steam every now and then. That's because there are times when the pressures of life build up inside of us like an overheated pressure cooker and the lid finally explodes. The collateral damage can be devastating.

However, that explosive release, when properly channeled and in the correct environment could be more beneficial than a myriad of medicines and hours of therapy. However, we suggest you consult your medical professional for real advice before abandoning any treatments that might be ongoing.

Screaming might be our most primal form of therapy. Besides clearing out "the filters of our minds", screaming can also provide a physical benefit as well. Let's explore, shall we?

You do need to consider that while screaming might improve your stress level, it could really raise the stress level of those around you. So, we don't suggest you begin using your outside voice in places like Walmart, City Court, any public library, or while kneeling at the casket at a funeral. But, you're smart enough to make your own decisions, just know there are consequences.

Screaming, based on research, may have been our early ancestors' first form of mental health treatment. The basic act of exhaling with a loud noise tends to lower the level of stress in the body and it can really improve lung function too. Screaming is also a physical activity, just try doing it for more than five minutes and see how tired you'll become.

But if you truly want to get the most out of your efforts, you might want to plan your session this way.

1. Find a place to be alone. As we mentioned yelling makes others' anxiety level go up and that would in turn make yours go up. So, go somewhere that you can be alone.

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2.Get in a comfortable position. Believe it or not, laying down is actually best. The act of getting horizontal allows the body to relax more than standing or leaning over a balcony in the French Quarter.

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3.Understand why you want or need to scream. Are you upset about work? Do you feel lonely? Did you suddenly realize you could have had a V-8? Taking a moment to evaluate your need to scream will help you eliminate those feelings.

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4. Let. It. Go. Scream. Scream as loud as you can as long as you need it. Now, you can actually hurt your voice so be mindful of any pain you might feel. If you need to cry while you scream, that's okay too. This is all about a general house cleaning of your mind, body, and spirit.

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No, this won't replace professional advice or doctor-prescribed medications for anxiety and emotional issues but it will give you a nice reset or reboot to your day. If you like to sing along to the radio, then "scream sing".

You'll get many of the same benefits plus you'd be really surprised how different some songs sound when they are screamed instead of sung. Although I wouldn't do this during lullaby time with the kids. Unless you want them to continue your emotional trainwreck into the next generation.

**The above article is based loosely on sound medical advice. It is not intended to be a substitute or treatment for any medical, mental, or emotional issues. We present this article for entertainment purposes only. If you choose to follow the advice, do so at your own risk.