I have had my ears pierced twice. Once when I was a baby, pretty sure my ears were pierced at like 3 months of age. Because my ears were pierced when I was so young my piercings are all out of whack to put it nicely.

I went to get my ears re-pierced at a Claire's store in a mall about 5 years ago. I hate to admit my piercings were short-lived. I felt like they got infected and they just got red and it felt like it was a swelling party all over my ears.

It turns out that the "needles" that they use at stores like Claire's might as well be a tack or safety pin. Are you kidding me?

A popular tattoo parlor in Shreveport is warning parents about taking their kids to get their ears pierced. Once I read this post I finally understood why my second round of piercings were so messed up and inflamed.


Now that we have your attention, please read:
On the left is your typical "Claire's" piercing jewelry and on the right is a tri-beveled hollow point needle. Which appears to be sharper?
The left is used with a piercing gun and shoved through the skin with about the same force it takes to put a tac through a stubborn wall, forcing the skin to get out of the way for this foreign object. Causing unwanted inflammation and pain.
The right is like a hot knife through butter, effortlessly removing a section of skin to form a nice pocket for the Jewelry to sit in. Resulting in less inflammation and pain.
Also the environment of a professional piercing will be clean and sterile with little chance of infection. Think about the mall environment when you walk into Claire's.....that's gross..."

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