Just typing the word "locusts" makes my skin crawl. This guy just lived out my worst nightmare.

Seriously, I hate locusts. No, hate doesn't quite describe it, I can do better. I despise locusts, and wish they were all wiped off the face of the planet in a very painful and unforgiving way.

That's better.

Truthfully, however, I have no reason to hate them. They don't sting, they don't bite, in reality they just make a raising sound that always freaks me out. Plus, they look absolutely hideous.

My point, is that never in a million years could you catch me doing what this guy did. There's a video going around showing a man standing with literally thousands of locust flying into him and around him. The dude is even shirtless, LIKE A BOSS! Honestly, it could be millions of them, in a scene that's straight out of a horror movie.

You have to see this!