The cringe is strong with this one.

Hey, in this business, we've all been there. Sometimes the jokes just don't fall right, and some times you're simply working yourself through an impossible situation. All of the above happened for this news reporter.

His name is Dave Scott, and he's a news reporter in San Diego. Recently he was covering an inflatable obstacle course, and things wen't pretty terribly.

It started off horrifically for Scott, who launched the report off with a terrible joke that no one understood. That alone could have made this the most awkward report of the year.

Then, though, he interviews the volunteers on site and it's just hard to watch. Those poor volunteers simply weren't in it with this guy, and he suffered from it. Then he took on the event's mascot and forced him to break the one and only rule for a mascot... Not talking.

Oh this is just brutal.

You have to see this!