Attention lawmakers in Shreveport... Never do this, under any circumstance.

Utah lawmakers have gone viral this week after embarrassing themselves beyond belief. First and foremost, is this what they got elected to do? To make horrendous rap videos at the expense of our eardrums? We'll, that's exactly what they did.

When I saw the title of their "song" I knew we were all in for a disaster. The song is called "Fresh Prints of Bills Here", and yes, it sounds exactly as terrible as it sounds.

In the music video, several lawmakers in Utah are filmed rapping hideous lines, with as much rhythm as an old boot. For the life of me, I can't figure out if the actual lyrics are the worst, or the fact that literally no one in the video can rap with any rhythm or flow in general.

It's brutal. If your ears are up for it, you can watch it below!