Many in Longview, Texas claim they are without water. Several parents are complaining that their kids were picked up for school before classes were canceled.

What Happened in the City of Longview?

A water main break was discovered on Tuesday, April 5th in the 5200 block of Loop 281.

According to, Longview city crews found the issue and are actively fixing the 30-inch water main break. In the time that it will take to isolate the leak, the city of Longview is preparing to deal with low water pressure. Because of the low water pressure, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is requiring the City of Longview public water system to notify all customers to boil their water prior to consumption. This even means boiling water before Longview residents wash their hands or brush their teeth.

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Many Longview Residents Claim That There is No Water.

Many Longview residents claim that they would love to have the option to boil water but they have zero access to water.

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Several Longview Businesses Have Had to Close for the Day Including Longview ISD.

You can contact Public Works Department at (903) 237-1240 if you have any questions.

Here Is the Complete List of Places That are Closed Today:

  • ABC Son Shine School
  • City of Longview Government/ Public Services
  • Gregg County Courthouse
  • Government/ Public Services
  • Gregg County Courthouse
  • Government/ Public Services
  • Heaton Eye Associates of Longview (Opening Late at 10:00AM Today)
  • Horne & Miner Pediatric Dentistry
  • Jordan Country Day School
  • Daycare/Pre School
  • Kid Connection Preschool.
  • Daycare/Pre School
  • Kilgore College (Longview campus)
  • Longview Christian School
  • Longview ISD
  • Longview Public Library
  • Government/ Public Services
  • Oak Forest Montessori School
  • Pine Tree ISD
  • School for Little Children
  • SeeSaw Children's Place
  • Spring Hill ISD
  • Trinity School of Texas (Longview)
  • Wellness Pointe clinics in Longview

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