What do you think Ark-La-Tex, was the shove warranted?

Let me start by saying I DJ weddings here in Shreveport every single weekend. I know and have worked with pretty much every wedding photographer in town, and I can say that I believe none of them would have done this.

A video has gone viral from Kentucky showing us why you never get in a wedding photographer's way while she's doing her job... Although, once again, I can't believe she took it this far.

In the video, we see the photographer lines up in front of the newlyweds. Then, we see the bride's step-mom oddly brush by the photographer and stand directly in front. The photog wasn't having any of that and quickly shoved the step-mom out of the way.

It looked like the photographer and the step-mom were trying to get a good picture of the first kiss.

You have to see this!


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