Writer's note: Before I could even press 'publish' on this article, the fine folks at Harrah's Louisiana Downs granted Mikey special racing privilidges! How cool is that?!?!? Now on with the original 'piece.'

The Wiener Dog Races at Harrah's Louisiana Downs have been a sore subject for me. I had a wienie adopt me about 3 or so years ago. He was the cutest thing on four legs! I walked out of the radio station to get something out of the back of my SUV and what I initially thought was a rat jumped in my back seat. After getting a better look, I realized it was a dog... a rather malnurished dog with jacked up teeth (he might be from Arkansas) and funky paws (from South Louisiana???). He then followed me throughout the radio station halls the remainder of the day. No one could have been prouder when I called my husband Keith to tell him we were going to be new parents!

The wienie was promptly named Mikey (in honor of Mike the Tiger) and much purple and gold was bought on his behalf. He even has a special game day sweater provided by his Aunt Haley;) You get the picture. The dog was taken home and he's loved and cherished, etc... So, the day comes that we hear of the Wienie Dog Races. Of course, we had heard of them before but they never applied to us before. We instantly wanted to enter our Mikey... And the girl at Harrah's tells us he can't enter because he's not registered...

What? He's clearly all WIENIE! Plus, we had already been practicing on the track at Double Rainbow. This isn't fair, it isn't RIGHT! I, of course, ask why they must be registered and was told it was because of the horses. Now, last time I checked, I had some pretty nice horses. There's even more fancy horses at Double Rainbow... and not one of them complained of the presence of an unregistered dog! Oh my!  I had papers from my vet but they just didn't want my Mikey. Well, fine then!!! We'll take our specialty 'hot dog' racing silks elsewhere! He'll just have to shine on our own exclusive track;) One of these years, I'll talk them into letting him run as an honorary racer just because his momma is on the radio, but I don't want my little mongrel athlete to embarrass the other 'registered' wienies;) J/J

Either way, it's truly a great event and this year proceeds are going to Robinson's Rescue which is an AMAZING organization! Check out more on the event by clicking here and here. Here's the link for the application to run. BTW, the races are Monday, May 30th. That's right, Memorial Day at Harrah's Louisiana Downs... duh!!! I love me some Louisiana Downs!