This crazy dress is driving everyone bonkers!

This ever-changing dress first appeared on Tumblr and was quickly picked up by BuzzFeed. Now the world has seen it in a dozen different colors. So, what color do you see? Black and Blue or White and Gold?

UPDATE February 27, 9:53 a.m.: There have been several theories as to why this dress changes color. Some believe it has to do with how the cones and rods in your eyes process color and how higher functioning eyes see the darker colors. Others believe it is a simple game that has to do with the personal brightness setting you have on your phone and in what kind of light you view it in. Then there are the fashion people who say it is color-changing fabric that has been experimented with by famous designers like Oscar de la Renta.

Whatever it is, who in their right mind would wear the dress? It's hideous.

So What Color Is It??

The woman who originally posted the photo, Caitlin McNeill, says that the dress is actually black and blue.

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