Kids and parents all over Louisiana and Texas are preparing to head back to school for another year.

If you love Whataburger like I do, you can head back to school sporting some Whataburger swag this year.  Man, I wish I was going back to school.

Whataburger School Supplies (

On the Whataburger website, they are featuring all sorts of cool items like an old school lunch box, cell phone chargers, backpacks, running tennis shoes and so much more.

Here are some of my fav's.

I am loving this old school lunchbox.  I used to have a gaggle of the old tin lunchboxes.  I need this one in my collection!

Whataburger Lunch box (

I am kind of a collector of unique steppers and these are a must-have!

Whataburger Shoes (

You can't go back to school without a cool backpack and I have found you just the one!

Whataburger Backpack (

And then, of course, you are going to need something to write with.  Check these out!

Whataburger Pens (

Ok, I may or may not have a Whataburger problem LOL.  Have a great school year y'all!