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Remember just a few short years ago when you had "appointment app time"? Probably a group, maybe friends or family or co-workers, who would remind one another when it was time to play? The game of course, was HQ Trivia.

Oh yeah, you remember HQ Trivia right? Seemed like we all knew someone (or were the person) trying to win money everyday on this live interactive app. You or someone you know may have actually won money on their daily games.

If you played along, you probably remember the man who was glossed "Quiz Daddy" by online fans, Scott Rogowsky. For a months, Scott and HQ built a gigantic following. The game became so popular, Scott found himself being interviews on shows like Good Morning America and hosting episodes of the quiz game with mega stars like Dwyane "The Rock" Johnson.

So with all of that popularity...what happened?

Are you playing HQ Trivia today? When's the last time you thought about it? Do you know that the game is still being played?

Now, as shown in the Tweet above, the HQ Trivia game still has a ton of bug and glitches. Which in hindsight, was part of the downfall of the game. Well, even though the game is still actively going, it's nothing like it was. In fact, the game was shutdown for about 6 weeks last year before being resurrected.

The decline of HQ Trivia was part poor planning, part technical issues, and part tragedy. Here's a great breakdown on the decline of HQ Trivia...

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