We have a nominee for "Worst Game Show Contestant Ever"!

During "College Week" on "Wheel of Fortune", Indiana University freshman Julian Batts blew his chance at winning $1 million when he mispronounced the answer "Mythological Hero Achilles" with every letter uncovered.

After a moment's hesitation, host Pat Sajak informed Batts that since he mispronounced his answer, it could not be accepted. The next contestant went on to pronounce the answer correctly. Batts did, however, walk away with almost $12,000.

On "Good Morning America" Monday, Batts said, "I didn't feel like I made a mistake but I feel like I solved the puzzle entirely and all I had to do was read it and I just went for it and I did my best."

He went on to say about being on the show, "It was a dream, and it was one of the greatest experiences I've accomplished so far."

Watch the moment that Julian Batts will never live down!