Most of my spring breaks were spent working extra hours to earn money but I was lucky enough to go on two real trips while in college. Needless to say looking back on those trips it terrifies me for when my daughter grows up and wants to go on one herself. But when are you to old for "Spring Break"?

My personal opinion is as soon as you're out of school you're too old to go on a Spring Break! Anyone who has been to Myrtle Beach, Panama City, South Padre Island or any other popular spring break destination has seen those old creepy guys lurking around trying to pick up younger girls... Don't be that guy!

Now I'm not saying just because you've gotten older means you have to stop having fun, just leave the "MTV" parties for the college kids. Alternative locations away from the kiddo's still give you great options like New Orleans, Las Vegas, Key West, Cabo or anywhere where you won't be the oldest one at the bar!

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