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As someone who is a known horselover, I get this question a LOT. Doesn't the horse do all the work? Cue the maniacal laughter. These sweet, clueless people have no clue. Horse ownership is way more than just riding a few times a week for an hour if you're lucky. It's manual labor on a daily basis if you take care of your own, in addition to grooming, exercise, etc...

As a result, when this post came up in my saved section on Facebook today, I decided to compare each of these actions with another of an equal calorie deficit. Take a look and then we'll see which ones we'd like doing more in the name of getting some exercise!

Posted by Galloping Grooms on Friday, December 27, 2019

Here we go!
Riding at the Walk - 176 calories = Skydiving for an hour
Riding in Trot - 457 calories = Snowshoeing for an hour
Riding in Canter - 525 calories = Running cross country for an hour
Riding in Gallop or Filling Nets and Yard Duties - 563 calories = Playing water polo or running track and field hurdles for an hour
Mucking Out or Grooming - 422 calories = Playing soccer or going scuba diving for an hour

So which activities do you think you'd prefer? I'm clearly partial to the equine-centered activities myself. I'd also like to point out that I'm a little bit of a badass! lol

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