I would be lying if I said that the past two weeks of my life have not been amazing. I have had tacos for every other meal it feels like. I visited the restaurants that you claim have the best tacos ever. There were some restaurants that had tacos that took me out of the SBC. Seriously, don't close your eyes, they're so good you'll be convinced you are in Mexico and all your missing is a really good tan and an ice-cold Cerveza.

During this Taco Tour, I found some new delicious eats. Taqueria San Miguel has some homemade tortillas that make every taco taste like my Abuelita (grandma) is in the back cooking. El Bazar 2 has some tacos that make me feel like I am back in California eating at a taco truck. Uneeda Taco has a super friendly staff that makes you feel at home. Sin Fronteras has some of the best hot sauce I have ever tried. Just about every restaurant has an awesome perk.

Who do you think has the best taco in the SBC? Vote for your favorite spot below. Remember, there is no actual prize. Just bragging rights.