This morning in the office we discussed a very serious topic. Who would win in a fight: Ninjas or Pirates?

According to Wired, this topic has been one discussed quite often in the geek world. They broke down the debate into multiple of categories: History, Training, Weaponry and Killing Style, and then finally Pop Culture.

Based on Wired's break down:

History- Pirates Win

  • "Ninjas emerged in the 15th century."
  • "Pirates have a great and storied history with many fantastical tales and stories surrounding the scurvy raiders of the sea."

Training- Ninjas Win

  • "Ninja training was more than just physical training, it was psychophysical. They had to train their minds as well as their bodies, if not more."
  • "1. Show up. 2. Grab sword. 3. Drink, rape, pillage & plunder. 4. Pass out."

Weaponry and Killing Style- Ninjas Win

  • "From swords, foot & knuckle spikes, throwing stars, iron whips, smoke bombs, batons, Kamas, Sais, spikes, nunchucks and even utility belts. The Ninja was trained on the full and deadly usage of every single one of these weapons. Not to mention their stealthy and stain resistant Ninja garb."
  • "The slight advantage that Pirates have over Ninja comes in the form of the flint lock powder rifle or pistol. When gunpowder was invented for all purpose use, like in guns, the Pirate’s ability to become effective killers multiplied tenfold."

Pop Culture- Tie

  • Pirates and Ninjas are on equal ground when it comes to pop culture.

They came to the conclusion that Ninjas are better than Pirates.