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Finally, the moment we have been waiting for is here!  The pandemic did its best to destroy our economy - and it did succeed in putting a lot of people out of work.  Now, because of a monumental effort to get everyone vaccinated, we are on the precipice of overcoming the COVID-19 crisis.  Businesses are opening back up, and they need employees!  That means there are tons of job openings in the Shreveport - Bossier City area - but no one is applying!

OK, so "no one" is a bit of a stretch - but it's not too far from the truth.  According to a report from KTBS, the pool of available applicants is so shallow - local businesses are having a hard time getting enough quality employees in their stores!

According to several area businesses, one of the biggest culprits in preventing people from taking jobs is the government. Several managers say stimulus payments from the federal government, unemployment benefits, and tax refunds hitting the jobless at the same time, many are finding it financially beneficial to not work right now.

When you take a look at the latest report from the Louisiana Workforce Commission, that picture becomes a little clearer.  By their numbers, first-time applicants for unemployment benefits was around 13,000 for the last week of March alone. That's 8,100 more than the previous week!

According to MyArkLaMiss.com, fast food restaurants are having the hardest time.  In response, companies are conducting mass hiring events.  Taco Bell is reportedly trying to fill their nationwide employee gap by attempting to hire 5,000 new team members in one day!  Sonic is looking to fill 20,000 openings in the U.S. - including more than 250 in the Shreveport - Texarkana area alone!

Here's the silver lining:  If you want to work, the jobs are out there.  If you are already working, this may be your best opportunity to shine!  The amount of people between you and your dream job is at the lowest point it has been in a long time!

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