Did you wake up not "feeling it" today? Does it feel a lot like "Blue Monday,"? We all just came back from a fun Memorial Day weekend, so why are we all dragging today? Could it be because of the gloomy weather headed our way and our taste of summer was short-lived this weekend?

According to thesun.co.uk. a study was done in 2005 and the conclusion was that many of us are just plain miserable on "Blue Monday, Blue Monday is supposed to be on January 17th, so why are we all feeling sad and unmotivated today? Simply put, we were holed up for over a year, no vacation that we could truly enjoy up until, Memorial Day weekend. Now that we had our first holiday weekend without mask mandates and we feel free, coming back is going to make us feel down.

Think about it, we had Mudbug Madness back in Shreveport, there were finally so many things to do in Shreveport-Bossier. Many of us didn't care that gas prices were through the roof, we got in the car and snuck out of town for the weekend because we were stoked for a weekend getaway without the fear of COVID-19. It felt great to be out and about fully vaccinated and eager for a reset.

Eyecandy Images, Thinkstock
Eyecandy Images, Thinkstock

What can we do to make the "down" feeling go away? Simply put, we start planning our next getaway. Thinking of sneaking off with your significant other or maybe your friends? Don't just think about it, actually plan it. Did you know that planning a trip tricks your brain into being happier?

So make your next trip a reality and get out of the "Blue Monday" mindset. Start a group chat with your favorite travel buddies and be productive today. Not just at work, but with your next little getaway.

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