Earlier this week, I posted a video of a young woman in California who explained the benefits of having an EBT card. At the end of the video she asked, 'Why would anyone in America work?' Pride, maybe? How about having a work ethic or a moral standard?

If  you haven't seen the video yet, I posted it below in addition to her EBT song. I'm not going to lie, the lyrics are a bit vulgar, but you'll get the point. It's hilarious and at the same time it's horrifying. Check out Chapter Jackson in It's Free - Swipe Your EBT. Thank you for the education Ms. Jackson.

If you want to see more from Chapter, follow her on Facebook or Twitter. After some light research, it turns out that Chapter is an actress among other things, no, not what you're thinking! She's got producing and writing credits to her name as well!