OK, are we 100% sure this didn't happen at 5:00 PM on Youree Drive?

If I had to imagine a situation on the road that would make me so angry, so irrate, that my response would be to do something crazy like flash my exposed chest, it would have to be Youree traffic.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at things, this did not actually take place on that dark road of Hell. Nope, this happened in a land a little bit crazier than our own... Australia.

Yes, in the land down under things get pretty wild, especially when it comes to anger on the road. We're not sure exactly what took place in the moments before the video, but rest assured that whatever it was, it was enough to send this lady into a fit of rage.

In the clip we see a furious woman approach another woman who is sitting in her car. She's so flippin' mad, that she literally whips out and exposes her breasts. Then kicks the car-door for good measure.

Check this out!

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