Underwear can say a lot about a woman. It’s something that men are obsessed with, to the point that, a mere glimpse of a thong waistband causes us to go into shock. On the surface we find them sexy, revealing. We’re able to see who a woman actually is—or maybe some guys are just plain horny. However, the way we think of it is that underwear is a look into the soul of a woman. It’s a chance to express who we are and how we are feeling that day. Are we feeling sexy? Tired? Safe? Risky? It’s almost as if no matter what happens during the day, good or bad, it’s okay because no one has any clue as to how we are really feeling.

So go wild, we say. Explore your adventurous and kinky sides and slip on a pair that suits your mood but be forewarned that as long as there are women wearing underwear there will be men wondering just what kind lies beneath the jeans. Then again, we do feel women find that part enticing. Here are our personal favorites.



The classic jaw dropper in grade school. While the banality of class and education was occurring before their a young man’s very eyes, their attention was elsewhere, never truly at what was going on near the chalkboard. They were glued down to the desk in front, should they have been lucky enough to be sitting behind a girl. And even beyond high school we feel that most men get a sense of nostalgia when God grants them a peek of a thong. Now there’s something to pray about on Sundays. So why do we love them? Isn’t it obvious? The thong has the perfect shape for enticing us guys, leaving a little to the imagination but a lot to the visual.



Named for the similar looks of men’s boxer briefs or trunks, the boyshort is an incredibly seductive look. Playful, sexy, and comfortable—from what I’m told. Girls love wearing them and guys love seeing them. It’s almost as if the girls are saying they’re good enough to play with the boys but still can be sexy. Just because they’re covered doesn’t necessarily mean that can’t wow you in the bedroom. Keep ‘em coming, we say!



If thongs are jaw droppers then G-strings will cause most men to faint. With the one piece of lace covering the Promised Land, men’s eyes and privates tend to go wild with fantasy. The thong leaves a little to the imagination, but the g-string shows you what you’re getting… with a little bit of work involved.

No Panties


No teasing necessary, she’s a no-nonsense girl. Or I haven’t done a wash yet and have no clean clothes. Either way it’s okay by us ladies. Anyway, by the time you’ve noticed us noticing we’ve already taken a pretty good mental snapshot. The appeal of the no panty look is the supposed friskiness behind it. We think that if we see a girl wearing nothing beneath her jeans it should lead to a good time later on. Now, whether of not this is true might depend on the situation. But either way we thank you!

Granny Panties


Good God! There is only one word in the English language that can describe granny panties… S-E-X-Y! We love them, seriously. That thick, thick layer of cloth covering the entire posterior–and occasionally parts of the upper thigh–is causing us all to shutter in arousal as these words are being typed! It’s remarkable that someone was able to craft this wickedly erotic piece of undergarment without experiences one, two… maybe three climaxes. The granny panty screams, “Come and get it boys. I’m a tasty dish of immense sexual pleasure and I hope to crush you all with the awesome power of these cotton drawers.”

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