Nothing beats the Fall Season. This time of year has always been something I enjoy. I love the holidays. I love getting to spend time with my family. However, science says that our love for fall is something we are conditioned to love.

Kathryn Lively, professor of sociology at Dartmouth College, told Huffington Post that we are conditioned at a young age to love fall because of the anticipation for all things amazing that are to come when fall begins.

This totally makes since. We have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Not to mention all the opportunities we get to be out of school for the holidays. When the leaves change then it is time to get showered by candy and presents.

One of the first signs of Fall isn't the leaves changing. It is the amount of pumpkin things you see in the store. Mid-August orange and green sneak in out of no where to infiltrate every corner of the world. One of the secret fall invaders is the notorious Pumpkin Spice Latte.

It all makes since now!

Pumpkin Patch Attracts Fall Revelers
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