In a Best of the Day clip that is sure to make your mascara run (guys, you'll probably tear up, too!), Kidd Kraddick in the Morning's Kellie Rasberry talks about what her 6-year old daughter Emma Kelly thinks Kidd is doing in Heaven.

Kellie explained that she wanted to be honest with her daughter about the bad news and not lie to her.

"I sat her down and told her immediately what happened," Kellie said, explaining that she wanted to be honest with her daughter about Kidd's death. "Kids are resilient and they grasp things and they think about heaven maybe a little bit differently."


Emma Kelly and Kellie Rasberry had a talk in the car about Kidd dying, where the little girl asked why he had to die. Kellie explained that he didn't have to die, but God needed him in heaven.

Then, Kellie asked Emma Kelly what she thought Kidd Kraddick is doing in heaven right now, Emma Kelly wasted no time sharing her thoughts.

"Riding a unicorn with a rainbow mane and a rainbow tail, and I think he's playing with all the kids who used to listen to him that have gone to heaven," she said, adding that he's also hanging out with her family members that have passed away.

When Kellie asked her what she would do if she saw Kidd in heaven, she said she'd want to hug him and ride on that awesome rainbow unicorn. Oh, but before that she said she would go visit with Jesus. Priorities!

Watch the touching video below

Kidd Kraddick passed away on July 27 due to heart disease. We are celebrating his life the best ways we can: by remembering the laughter he brought us every morning, the good he accomplished with his Kidd’s Kids charity and sharing memories.

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