Lindsay Lohan has been breezing by during her home confinement. How bad can house arrest be if you can still throw parties and drink alcohol? Lindsay’s probation officer must have thought she was having too much fun so she ordered her to take an alcohol test following one of her rooftop parties. And it looked like Lindsay might actually have to pay for her crime when she had to face the judge yesterday. But once again, that is just not the case.

Judge Stephanie Sautner spoke after the hearing to explain why Lindsay would not be going to jail. She says that Lindsay should have never been tested so the result of the test doesn’t matter.

Lindsay’s previous judge, Elden Fox, only ordered her to be tested from January to February. Lindsay is not completely off the hook though. The judge did put a stop to the parties, saying she was guilty of poor judgment by having rooftop parties. She told her that she is not allowed to have any parties and can only have one friend over at time. She also told Lindsay, “Don’t give people a reason to hate you and don’t do things that fly in the face of the court’s order.”


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