What’s Going On With Google+ And Youtube?
SO a big change has come to youtube. You cannot comment on a video with out having a google+ account. No problem right? Wrong. Youtuber boogie2988, lays out all the reasons why this is a bad thing. A very bad thing.
Funny Video: What if Websites Were Real People?
I read once that an average person visits three websites daily. I don't know about you, but that's pretty much true in my life:, and However, what would those websites be like if they were real people at a party...
SOPA – A Pretty Good Explaination Of What’s Going On [Video]
So I surf the net, it's my job to stay up on what's going on. If you haven't heard what SOPA is ... it's a fancy acronym that the government might pass that the inspiration of is to hurt internet piracy.
Here's a video that can explain what's going on better than I can …
MORE Facebook Changes Coming [Video]
Ok, Facebook changed some stuff yesterday and the interwebs exploded!
MORE changes are coming ... basically in your into Facebook stalking. Get excited!
This video show's the new way your home page will look to folks checking you out.