PETA Says Lady Gaga + Rihanna Are ‘Freaks’
Lady Gaga isn’t the only fashion conscious pop star to draw the ire of PETA, the animal rights organization. Rihanna is also being targeted (again), with the two starlets being dubbed “freaks” for their fashion choices deemed cruel to animals.
Angelina Jolie Bans Rihanna From Kids’ Playlists
Rihanna is one of the most popular pop stars ever, but that doesn’t mean everyone is a fan. Despite her own bizarre pre-Brad Pitt history (complete with blood vials and brother kissing), Angelina Jolie doesn’t particularly like Rihanna’s brand of raunc…
Rihanna’s Grandmother Dies
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Rihanna. The singer is mourning the loss of her beloved grandmother, Clara Dolly Braithwaite, who died this weekend. She passed away from cancer.
Rihanna’s Brother Says She Was a Geek
Way, way back when Rihanna was known by her given name of Robyn Fenty, the singer wasn’t a super sexy, skin-showing, tattoo-toting temptress. She was a typical gawky, geeky teen who liked to look for UFOs in her native habitat of Barbados. She was also a motivated, model student. Rea…

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