‘Titanic’ Composer Missing After Plane Crash
Academy Award-winning composer James Horner, who is known for writing the scores for such movies as Titanic, Glory, Avatar and Apollo 13, is missing after a small plane registered in his name crashed in Southern California, his attorney reports.
The Unsinkable Pup Walk this Sunday
SciPort, the Downtown Development Authority and the Shreveport Dog Park Alliance have gotten together to present the Unsinkable Pup Walk this Sunday from 2-5pm!
Titanic Abridged! NSFW [Video]
Titanic ... used to be considered a LONG movie. Now a days with 3 hour Lord of the Rings, 2.5 hours of Hunger Games, and 5 hours of Avatar that's normal.
But what if you want the whole movie experience in less than 2 minutes? Check this vid (incoming boobs)