With all of the bad news cluttering Facebook and News websites, I think we could all use a dose of good news for once. And this story is definitely good news!

According to Cosmopolitan, a non-profit charity group called Together We Rise created "Sweet Cases, We Are Kids, Not Trash" campaign.

On the Together We Rise website, they explain that when children are put into foster care they receive two trash bags to keep their belongings in and that is it.

So far the group has raised enough money to create 100,000 sweet cases that will replace trash bags. Since each child gets two trash bags: they have helped 50,000 children.

In each bag you can find teddy bears, blankets, crayons, coloring books and hygiene kits, according to Cosmopolitan. The bags are often decorated with the child in mind.

You can still help the cause by sponsoring a duffle bag. To sponsor a sweet case is $25. To sponsor a teen bag is $15. You can do that here.