We are bringing you some much-needed good news in 2020. If you fantasize about driving off into the sunset instead of pulling into the parking lot at your work, to work the same old office job, there is light at the end of the tunnel for you.

A new study from Study Finds found that an office job leads to a sharper brain as you get older. I always thought that a physically demanding job helped keep you in shape not just physically but also mentally, turns out I was wrong.

The University of Cambridge in England administered the study and they found that office workers did up to 3 times better on cognitive tests as they got older compared to people in their community who worked jobs that were physically demanding.

The claim is the even boring desk jobs are more mentally challenging which leads to higher abilities when it comes to visual processing speed, reading ability, memory, and attention to detail. Look at you devoting all your brainpower to that boring job and it paying off for you.

If you're worried about getting older and not having it all together, opt for that "boring" desk job, it just might be what your brain needs so you can be that feisty one at the nursing home.


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