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Shreveport's comic con, Geek'd Con, started in 2015, and has grown into one of the premiere events in the Shreveport-Bossier area. Not only that, the show has become one of the largest consistently active comic con style shows in the entire state of Louisiana.

It seems like each year's lineup gets bigger and better. You will always be able to have meet and greet opportunities with stars from movies and TV shows. There will also be a ton of comic book creators and professional illustrators.

Geek'd Con is a mash-up of celebrity meet and greets, geeky shopping, cosplay, games, prizes, and fun.

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Cassandra Peterson at Geek'd Con - TSM Live Events

The vendor room is full of more than 200 booths that create a geek's dream shopping adventure. Comic books, collectibles, trading cards, anime, video games, custom art, hand crafted gear, shirts, posters, and so much more. Many vendors will be bringing items that you can only find for sale once a year in Shreveport...during this event. There are vendors from all over the United States. Including Iowa, New York, Florida, Tennessee, Illinois, and other states.

Geek'd Con has grown a lot since the first show back in 2015. Even though there are plenty of fans who have attended the event before, there are always new guests each year. Check out this huge pile of pictures featuring guests, cosplays, vendors, and more. These date all the way back to the original Geek'd Con in 2015, and include pictures through last year's event:

Geek'd Con Photos from the Past

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