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If you were planning on taking a little Louisiana road trip to Baton Rouge today, you might want to read this first - especially if your plans include a little shopping at the Mall of Louisiana and you're scared of gigantic snakes.

According to the Advocate, one of the darlings of the Blue Zoo Aquarium found inside the largest mall in our state has escaped.  Unfortunately, we're not talking about a fish-out-of-water situation - it's really more of a snake-in-the-grass type of thing.  Cara the 12-foot long Ball Python is on the lam.

Aquarium workers describe Cara as a really "sweet snake," and insist that she isn't venomous as she prefers to crush her victims to death before she eats them.  I guess a deadly hug is technically sweeter than a fatal bite - but we're just splitting hairs at this point, right?

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The great snake escape happened early Tuesday morning, and as of the time of this report - Cara had not been found.  Officials think she may have slithered her way into the ceiling, and are not exactly sure where to look for her at this point.

Currently, the aquarium is closed while a search party tries to track down this sneaky serpent who is no doubt living her best life right now.  There are more than likely plenty of small rodents around to keep Cara fed during her python-Rumspringa adventure.

A team from the St. George Fire Department is currently assisting the Baton Rouge Police Department in their search for this huge (but apparently very sweet) scaly danger-noodle.

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