I love watching Jeopardy.  I first fell in love with the with the show when I lived with my grandparents.  My grandmother would watch Wheel Of Fortune religiously, and Jeopardy came on right after.  Finally, a show that rewarded the kind of useless trivia I had banging around in my head!

That was a long time ago.  In that time, both the show and Host Alex Trebek have done a great job of keeping the show fresh and very pop culture-y.  On yesterday's show, Alex took it to a whole new level when Jeopardy introduced the category “Let’s Rap Kids!” This led to a very cool moment when A-T (his rap name) spit some of the maddest bars ever heard on Jeopardy.

So there you go!  No word on when we get here Alex's rendition of Lil' Boosie or Lil' Wayne.



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