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If you have anything at all that you suspect might be worth a nice chunk of change, listen up!  The experts at discovering the true value of things others may refer to as "junk" are headed back to the Bayou State!

Producers are Sure They're Coming to Louisiana, but Exactly Where is Up to You

According to a report from L'Observateur, the History Channel's wildly popular show "American Pickers" follows hidden treasure masters (referred to as "pickers") on their journey across America as they search for forgotten historical treasures.  Their latest expedition will lead them to Louisiana, but exactly where in our state is kind of up to you!

Your "Junk" Could Be the Historical Treasure They're Searching For

If you are sitting on in impressive collection of unique and historical oddities, or perhaps you've discovered a treasured piece of the past that has been forgotten about - you've got to reach out to these guys!  They've got a knack for finding something amazing that been sitting right under someone's nose the entire time - like the time they found Aerosmith's original tour van rotting away in the woods!

With the Right Kind of Invitation, the Pickers Could End Up On Your Doorstep

The producers are making road trip plans as you read this.  Reach out to them with the details of your amazing, unique, and historic treasure and you might just convince them to make a pit stop at your house.  Be as detailed as possible and send your information including your address and description of the collection with photos to: americanpickers@cineflix.com or call 855-OLD-RUST.

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